Monday January 30

Wicked Wiki - When politicians meddle with Web2.0

First there was US comic creator John Byrne, who single-handedly "edited" (his words) or "censored" (all the others) his Wikipedia entry, and now the Lowell Sun reports that over the last six months US Congress staff members made more than 1000 changes to entries concerning their bosses.

Often these changes concern sprucing up the representatives' record or biography, but sometimes history is altered.  Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales is not really worried about people trying to get their point across - it's the deleting that concerns him.

I think this proves two things :

  • a grassroots initiative like Wikipedia can become important enough for the suits to get worried
  • grassroots free-for-all shared responsibility only works in an ideal world without any hidden agenda.

This last issue could prove to be instrumental in the further evolution of what we fondly call Web 2.0.

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