Sunday May 28

Tango parody of Sony Bravia bouncing balls commercial

Yesterday I flew back home from traveling a month in Vietnam. A month without blogging and without internet. I've been reading great stuff during long flights and bustrips (like "the world is flat" by Thomas Friedman, "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell and "Freakonomics" by Levitt and Dubner), so I feel quite reloaded. From today on, I'll be blogging again and from tomorrow on, I'll be back at the office. Since I'll have to plough through some 700 e-mails, let me start off with something not to profound. Just a great parody from the famous Sony-Bravia commercial for Tango. Enjoy! (via


Welcome on board again. We missed you a lot on the blog!

Posted by Jan Van den Bergh 28 May 2006 18:13:24

Thanks Jan,
Looks like you've been keeping the blogengine running while I was eating rice, noodles and some more rice (and noodles). Which is nice. I'm timeshifting now between ploughing through e-mails on the one hand and reading all the blogposts I missed, on the other hand. The shitty thing about a hyperlinked world is that each mail or each blogpost leads to a whole new universe of new pages, articles, blogposts,... *Sigh*

Have fun at the official opening of the i-merge Shanghai office. Isn't it supposed to be on wednesday?

Posted by Tom De Bruyne 29 May 2006 05:37:21

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