Friday December 24

Boondoggle and bpost make end of year SMS personal again.

Last year, 96,1 million SMS messages were sent on New Year’s Eve. And 50% of Belgians have admitted to frequently sending a random, impersonal SMS to their contact list. That’s why Boondoggle and bpost thought of a temporary new product: the SMS card. An SMS that is sent as a real card, with your personal wishes printed on it. An original alternative to the routine SMS. And above all, the ideal way to position bpost in the digital world.

For the design, Boondoggle and bpost were inspired by classic SMS lingo, with an end-of-year twist. Six cards were made, each with a unique emoticon on the back. Examples include the SMS angel, the SMS reindeer and the SMS fire arrow.

How do you send an SMS card?
Simply by sending an SMS to 3031 with the word ‘kaartje’ and following the instructions. Within 3 working days after sending the SMS, the SMS card will land in the recipient’s mailbox. Sending an SMS card costs 1,20 €. As easy as an SMS, but far more original. The campaign runs from December 15 until January 7.

Tuesday December 21

Boondoggle en Electrabel zetten eindejaarswensen op muziek met “live” Sing-a-Wish-site

Als eindejaarsactie voor Electrabel bedacht Boondoggle Sing-a-Wish, een website waar je wens live wordt ingezongen door een van de 21 improviserende muzikanten en daarna op het gevraagde tijdstip als boodschap op de voicemail van je vrienden of familie wordt achtergelaten.... [ Read on ]

Wednesday October 6

So nobody likes your new logo?

GAP launched it's new logo. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? I guess a lot of designers do. It has almost become a webclassic to rant about a new logo. People don't like change and apparently a lot of designers... [ Read on ]



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