Friday December 30

The best creative commercials according to Jaffe

Joseph Jaffe couldn't resist to the tempation for putting up a list of best and worst creative TV advertising. He calls them "so called TV spots", because all of these commercials had a succesfuller life on the internet. Lay back for campaigns like the Sony Bravia commercial (with the bouncing balls and the beautifull soundtrack "heartbeats" by Jose Gonzales) and the inspiring consumer collaboration campaign for Converse.

Links: Jaffe Juice: The Year End Juicies.


Agree with Jaffe for the most part, the Sony spot was more art than commercial, it also had a brilliant mini-site devoted to it (it was posted on this blog!!), Dove did a brilliant campaign that had the balls (no pun intended) to go against conventional wisdom, and Napster's 30' spot was both seductive, funny and daring (we also posted about this one earlier)...

Posted by Peter Lories 30 Dec 2005 11:24:10

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