Monday January 30

Advertising 2.0 - Podcasters are great advocates for their sponsors

Steve Gillmor from the famous IT-podcasting show "The Gillmor Gang" had a very interesting intro to last weeks episode (called identity gang). He gives lot's of credits to his sponsor Earthlink for making this possible.

"I'm thrilled that folkes like Earthlink are sponsoring the Gillmor Gang and allowing the kind of unique and freeformed programms you don't hear on the so called public airwaves to occur. The miracle of podcasting is the ability for us to think on our feet and have you as our so called audience to be part of this conversation, to be able to hear ideas as they occur, not when they're sculptured and form fitted into appropriate packages".

This is a very interesting advertising model: A podcaster who firmly endorses his sponsor and who thanks his sponsor for enabling his show. Now compare that with that annoying interruptive 30-second commercial that disturbs you while watching your favourite show or movie. This for of endorsement is much more positive.

Ps: Which reminds me: Haven't download the Ricky Gervais Show yet? Shame on you. It's the nr 1 podcast show in the world and it's hilarious. And the show always ends with this gag in which Ricky Gervais puts a lot of effort in thanking these terrific people at Positive Internet for hosting his show.


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