Wednesday April 26

I-merge creates first ad for the E-Reader

Ereader Yesterday I noticed on Futurelab's Blog (they're on my dashboard) that The NYTimes is among the newspapers that are exploring the new electronic paper technology from Phillips for which the Belgian Publisher De Tijd started their test earlier this month. It's quite embarassing to admit that while the story about the e-reader is gaining momentum in the blogosphere, we somehow forgot to communicate on i-wisdom that we are the first company who has been experimenting with advertising on this new device. The image above shows you an advertising for internetbank (one of our clients). The tagline says: "2002 - launched the bank without paper", referring to the device, which is hosting the first newspaper without paper.

But we're also aiming at going some steps further in the future, such as working with timed ads. This means that readers will view another ad in the morning than they'll be served in the afternoon. For instance, in the morning there will be an ad for Nescafé, while in the evening this ad will be replaced by an ad for Stella-Artois.



Hi Tom,

As us Belgians needs to stick together, if you want to catch-up by sharing some of the lessons learned in your experiments or better where you're heading in the future, we'd be happy to "set the record straight"(though pls pls pls go soft on the promo ;-)

Alain Thys (Futurelab)

Posted by alain thys 26 Apr 2006 14:46:03

@ Alain,
will do. I'll keep you posted in a non-profit kind of way ;-)

Posted by Tom De Bruyne 26 Apr 2006 16:05:07

By the way:
Thanks to my little comment on your blog the story got picked up by MIT Advertising Lab and in its slipstream the story is starting to travel through the net.

MIT Advertising Lab even comments on it:

[we found the story]"...via comments on Futurelab (which also illustrates how useful it is to leave comments on others' blogs and the strange ways in which information travels)".

Point taken :-)

Posted by Tom De Bruyne 1 May 2006 11:19:51

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