Wednesday June 14

When pissed off consumers get creative

Dutch shockblog Vkmag has posted an anti-ad for UPC Digital TV in Holland. This is a great example of user conversation at its most compelling. When the tools for recording a non-delivering product get into the hands of the masses, and when the networks for distributing this content are accessible and cheap, then brands like UPC should get very concerned. I like this example, because there are different aspects of user generated content:

  • A consumer recorded a malfunctioning product with his mobile phone camera
  • He creatively mixes it into an anti-ad
  • This anti-ad is compelling enough for the Vkmag editors for posting it on the blog
  • The comments on the anti-ad are fairy balanced: lot's of people react in favor of UPC
  • Several commenters even suggest a cheap solution to the problem (buy an amplifier)


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