Tuesday August 22

Online video in a TV-like interface

I see a lot of projects recently, that have a very TV-like interface, but are in reality just websites. I love this concept. With current broadband coverage, it is possible to stream video of good quality to your computer screen. In the near future, more and more people will start to hook their pc's onto their TV. The web is slowly becoming the standard network that we use for accessing all our media: web radio, web tv, online papers, e-books, ...

Let me give you an overview of TV-like interfaces that really struck me:

  • : is probably the most exciting example I've found, the interface is very simple and easily controllable with a remote control (of course hypothetical). The coolest part about      this project is that the content is fueled by Google Video, Youtube and I wonder if Paul Neave the creator of is dynamically loading the videos from the different video      services or does he manually import them into his tv application.
  • : MTV recently renewed its overdrive video section. This interface is a bit less tv-like than the old version. The weird thing about this upgrade is, that it has less features and feels less intuitive than the old version. The old version had a playlist function and thanks to a really cool geeky trick it could go completely full screen. Which was pretty nice if you had like 6 movies in your playlist.
  • Onlinelib VCS Mediacenter : This is a completely usable TV interface, you can see the controls of the remote control in the left corner. The quality and loading speed of the videos is also stunning.
  • Fabchannel : The awarded Fabchannel is the best example of what the purpose can be of a branded internet TV channel content-wise. It streams previous concerts that took place at the    venues of Paradiso and Melkweg in Amsterdam.     

Now that the technology is available, every brand will be able to create their own TV-channel online. The biggest challenge will be to find and create good content to show on the branded TV-channels. Paradiso and Melkweg (the founders of Fabchannel) already found a great way, to give their concerts more exposure online. But will other brands be able to achieve this?

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