Sunday September 3

"De Morgen" is walking on thin ice


I'm not sure how the Belgian newspaper is aware of the power of a community, but they made a very risky move. They've put photos on their website which were taken from a certain Flickr user (click thumbnail) and they"ve forgotten to ask the user for perission... Of course in a lively community as Flickr such news doesn't take long to be noticed.

When "de Morgen" caught word of this news, they of course removed the pictures from their site, but the harm was done, screenshots were already circulating on the web.
I guess they are learning it the hard way ;-)

Link: Discussion in the Flickrcentral group


A few weeks ago, de Gazet Van Antwerpen did the same with a picture i shot. When I complained they removed it and replaced it by another one on the same subject.

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