Thursday September 14

Live From eDay: Two Sessions

First of all: Check out the pictures on Flickr, there’s over 250 already and it’s growing every hour.

Session: Pete Blackshaw, CMO Nielsen Buzzmetrics

Working title: Dancing With Megaphones

The fastest growing media are those who are designed and styled by the consumers, and those media consumers use to share everything which each other. These channels form the marketing, advertising and research landscape. Thanks to the explosion of blogs, message boards, online review sites, camera phones, podcasts and online video, consumers all over the world can vent their opinions, attitudes and feelings about companies, products and brands with a never before seen force and presence.

Along the way they leave a digital trace of ’stars’ and ’scars’ on corporate brands, corporate identities and brand equity. Good news for the marketeer is that CGM can be measured and quantified, and that the output of this analysis can be used for strategic decisions in the entire marketing mix from new product launch to advertising effectiveness.

Pete Blackshaw overviewed the entire field CGM, and discussed a number of cases from brands in the relation to CGM.

Classic case mentioned: Dell vs Jeff Jarvis.

The Jeff Jarvis factor: “We don’t want anyone to have a bad experience, whether they’re a blogger or anyone else. The broad body of evidence suggests that those experiences are rather anomolous, even though they’re completely unacceptable to us.

26 % of all search results on brands point to user generated media. - Negative input can have serious consequences.

Next: A bit hard to summarize. Creatives from many agencies talked about their inspiration and the interactive work that triggers good ideas inside their minds as they see it.

Cool presentation from Sam from These Days and also really impressive input from Glue London. A lot of good input, about twenty cases per person at high speed. Too much to even begin to sum it up. Sorry. You should have been here. ;)

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Pete, your speech was the most inspiring talk i've heard at the edays. And conversational as you are, I know that, if I link to your blog in this comment, your buzzradar on the Blackshaw brand will pick it up. Right? ;-)

Posted by Tom De Bruyne 15 Sep 2006 16:45:04

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