Wednesday September 20

Made In Flanders

A while ago there was a series on the Flemish television called 'In De Gloria'. It was a bit of an extreme program where underpaid actors repeatedly proved that Flanders has some serious talent out in the open. Although the actor fees are by far not always what people of that level deserve, the quality of the work they deliver outrises the normal standard.

In a clip where Tom Van Dyck pretended to be a failed talk show host and explains his story with a flashback, we can see him cracking up when interviewing a few guests who had a vocal cord operation that went wrong. Obviously it was the end of his television career, and the segment closes when we see him announce a crooner as a dj on an unimportant local radio station.

Well, a snippet from the sketch got uploaded to YouTube, where Jay Leno picked it up. And he (and those who watch his show) apparently seem to think it was for real. Funny :)

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If someone is talking about "In de Gloria" I always remember me that scetch, one of the many great scetches.

Posted by Erlend 20 Sep 2006 22:00:28

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There are some "In de gloria"-sketches at the bottom:
modeltreintjes and de soloslim

Defenitely two of my favourites ;-)

Posted by Tom De Bruyne 20 Sep 2006 23:09:15

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