Sunday October 1

Technorati upgrades towards brilliant free trendwatching tool

If you're a reader of this blog, you should by now have heard of Technorati, the search engine that indexes over 50 million weblogs. We use it a lot to track what bloggers are saying around ourselves, our blog and the brands we work for. We just take the RSS-feeds from these search queries, so every time someone in the blogosphere mentions our topic of conversation, we get a notification. Technorati has now launched an improved version of its RSSfeeds, so we can now filter on language and on authority of the blog. This is what Steve Rubel wrote about the upgrade:

Where it really gets interesting is what you can do with these feeds. Starting today you can now set up sophisticated keyword feeds that are limited to blogs with a certain level of authority. This essentially strips out most spam blogs. All you need to do is set up the right search on Technorati and then click on the RSS icon to the right of the search (see screen grab below). For example, using this technique you can set up a search for Yankees only within blogs that have a lot of authority and get an RSS feed that delivers these results.

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