Friday November 17

Blogs as a trusted information source

Twopointouch is one of my favorite blogs these days. Ian has a lot of interesting statistics, that are really great to proove the value of a concept. I'm certainly going to read the book he is writing. Today he links to a research by hotwire PR:

- Blogs are now a near second to newspapers as the most trusted information source: A quarter (24%) of Europeans consider blogs a trusted source of information, still behind newspaper articles (30%), but ahead of television advertising (17%) and email marketing (14%).
- High spenders are most trusting of blogs: Of those who spend more than 145€ (£100) online every month, the proportion of people who trust blogs rises to 30%.
- France leads European blogging; Britain lags: Across Europe, six out of ten (61%) internet users have heard of blogging, and one in six (17%), have read a blog. France is the most blog-savvy country in Europe, with 90% of respondents familiar with blogs. The British are the least blog-aware, with only 50% having heard the term. In Germany, 55% have heard of blogs, 58% in Italy and 51% in Spain.
- Blogs are now driving purchase decisions: More than half (52%) of Europeans polled said that they were more likely to purchase a product if they had read positive comments from private individuals on the internet. 
- They also block purchases: Nearly 40 million Europeans have not bought something after reading comments posted online.

It's a shame we can't see any specific numbers on blogging in Belgium.


Very interesting! Hope they have some BE numbers on blogging soon :-)

Also thanks for Twopointouch! Nice blog...

Posted by Joeri Van Holder 17 Nov 2006 11:40:28

this is indeed one for the "horny stats" department :-)

Posted by tom de bruyne 22 Nov 2006 08:54:22

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