Sunday December 17

The battle of the agencies now fought on Youtube (updated)

Found this one on Kris Hoet's blog. That's the great thing about the conversation era. You do one pull, you film it and before you know it you're off for one hell of a ride in the conversational networks. And since one of the main tasks of creative agencies is to prove that they are able to stunt and are able to draw attention, TBWA made its point quite well. The cool thing here is that someone at TBWA must have noticed that there was a temporary fence in front of the Saatchi building. So the stunt they pulled was a very fast response to an opportunity that was suddenly offered. It was an offer they couldn't refuse. :-)

Link: Crossthebreeze - Agencies going to war

Update: Dominique Poncin just told me that this clip goes back to 2002 and is thus having a second life on Youtube. What's even cooler is that the story has a high Chevy Tahoe level: Saatchi actually wanted to provoke some creativity on the fence by posting a sign that said: "bill posters will NOT be prosecuted". The rest is history :-)


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