Friday January 26

The web is for old people and losers

Gemme van Hasselt  (he's not from Hasselt, but form Holland and he lives and works as an SEO-consultant in China) send me this link. Web 2.0, Dude, Who Cares, Where’s Phone 2.0? | Read this: " What I've noticed is that teens are more connected than ever before, just not to the web, and usually not via PC. They don't care about 'social media' and Myspace was a fad. The kids I spoke to used it for two weeks or so, got bored and moved.

Their 'social network' is real, and when they aren't together in 'real life' they stay connected with their cell phones. They aren't using Digg, Netscape, Facebook or "Web 2.0". Even the few that have blogs might post once or twice a month and even the self-admitted 'geeks' sad that the Web is like a big commercial.

A few of them shop on the Web, but it's word of mouth advertising that influence their purchases, not ads on Myspace or blogs, unless one of their friends happen to blog about something. All of them said they use cell phones and text messaging much more than they surf the Web or use messengers.

I know they aren't the influencers now, but they will be. So where is all this social media stuff headed?"


I can understand the point he's making. But doesn't each and everyone of these young people have an e-mail account? And isn't one of the main purposes of online social networking to bring people closer together when physical distance increases? This digital part of our social networks makes it possible for us to stay up-to-date on everything that interests us. And this on a daily basis. I think almost every single one of these young people will encounter the great advantages this offers them either in school working on projects or later on at their job, as we all do these days.

Just think of the tiny bit of effort it takes me to post this comment. And don't forget, young people evolve and don't necessarily have the possibility to call their friends 24/7 later on in their lives.

And true, they aren't the influencers now, but they will be later when they have evolved and noticed the advantages of all this social media stuff.

Posted by michiel noens 26 Jan 2007 11:48:43

I think that it will be great for people not staying connected so much time on this socializing networks, but this is already an addition for lots of us, especially for me..I think I stay connected on Facebook at least two hours per day. Pret hotel Bucuresti

Posted by Dida Ci 23 Nov 2011 13:26:24

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