Saturday December 22

Brilliant "Beyond the promise" campaign by Ubuntu


Found this story on To my shame I have to admit I hadn't visit Wired for a very long time. Got hooked again in a matter of seconds. Wired grabbed my attention through an article entitled "How a linux download topped Youtube's hit list". This is what they wrote:

The hottest thing on YouTube this month isn't The Dark Knight trailer or that clip of a baby giving an evil eye. It's video of somebody downloading a copy of Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system.


How did something so completely boring top the list? The makers of UseNext, a download client that lets users grab files from Usenet newsgroups, are hosting a Usenet Download World Record contest to spread the gospel about their product. Users who submit a YouTube video detailing a hyperfast transfer are eligible for a $1,000 jackpot. To land the fat prize, UseNext users must download an Ubuntu image, videotape the download process and e-mail the clip. The fastest download wins.


Two such clips currently sit atop YouTube's monthly most-viewed list, with the No. 1 video garnering more than 7 million views since its Nov. 20 addition.

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Saturday December 22

When the Facebook generation ages

Found in my mailbox . Forwarded by James Dunne, Boondoggle Dublin [ Read on ]

Thursday December 20


Good overview in French of some of the 2007 trends. The w00t - one I didn't pick up though. [ Read on ]



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